The Northron Capital of Vidusbaurg

Vidusbaurg was originally built under the Name Vidugaviabaurg, later shortened to Vidusbaurg and later known as Pultavod under Balchoth rule.

  • Type: Fortified Town
  • Inhabitants: 100% Northman (later Easterling)
  • Population: 520
  • Origin: Founded by Vidugavia in T.A. 1249
  • Purpose: A center for administration for the Waldandungs clan; a collecting point for the surrounding Gramas farms
  • Symbol: A Gold Sheaf of Grain

Vidusbaurg had been the center of Waldandung culture and the capital of the most powerful of the Northman tribes.Tucked in the East Bight, between Mirkwood the escarpment called ´High Hand and by the side of the small lake known as Woodmere, it was a well- protected settlement.Like most other Northman towns upon the plains, Vidusbaurg consisted of a number of wood and thatch longhouses, each of which accommodated around twenty people plus livestock. The chieftains had added an earthen rampart with a number of stout wooden towers for defense. The town was ideally suited for its role as a refuge for Waildung princes. Here, a trio of fortified hills linked by eart hworks overlooks the deep lake called the Mere of Roots.It retained some of the royal splendor from the time of Vidugavia, although the Gramias princes after the Plague lacked the strength needed to regain their glory of old.

The Men-in-Araw ended at the eastern gate into Vidusbaurg. On the western side of town, another trail began: the ancient Râd Angálaladh. A third major path led northward to the ruins of the Old Forest Hold, a solitary hillsite halfway between the Mere of Roots and Wood Mere. This track was called Mere Walk, and ran deep into Mirkwood.

Places of Note

  • Armoury
  • Baumyasgang
  • Barracks
  • Glorious Road
  • Golden Hall
  • Hall of Princes
  • Main Gate
  • Mill
  • North Gate
  • Royal Common
  • West Gate
  • Whispering Hearth
  • Wood Mere
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