Tuwurdrog Overview

Actually the ruin of a First Age Orc-hold, Tuwurdrog was the lair of the Lor-uruk-shab.

It was composed of a ruined tower and a small cave complex. The hold was situated along the northern edge of the Grey Mountains, twenty miles northwest of the source of the Taurduin. It was surrounded by an unmortared wall and perched on a granite outcrop along the southern edge of a small lake.


TA 1640: Cro


1.The Tower.

2. Wall. Of unmortared rough stones, about four feet high.

3. Cave entries. Very narrow on th e outside, they gradually widen as one proceeds inward.

4. Guardposts. One Orc on duty at each at all times. Shifts are every six hours.

5. Armory. Basically spare scimitars, a few short bows, and eight sets of poorly-made reinforced leather armor.

6. Living quarters. Very crude, dirty and smelly. 7. Secret door. Not very well made. A long winding passage leads to an exit (#8).

8. Exit. Hidden from the enclosed area and leading away from the lake.

9. Door to the Tower. Crudely made, as it was a recent addition (the original having rotted to dust long ago), the door is still strong, with a heavy wood beam that can be secured across it on the inside.

10. First Floor. This room is basically a meeting and feasting chamber for the Orc warriors. There is a hole in the center of the ceiling, wher e a ladder provides access to the second level (the wooden spiral stair once there disintegrated over the centuries).

11. Second Floor. There are four arrow slits spaced evenly about the perimeter of the room. This area serves as Cro's "office". 12. Ladder. Leads to the third level.

13. Outer room. Two guards are always on duty in six- hour shifts. A heavy curtain hangs across the door to Cro's quarters (#14).

14. Cro's quarters. A stinking hole by most standards, Cro's room is superior to any others at Tuwurdrog.

15. Secret door. Good construction, hard +20 to locate. It holds Cro's treasury: 120 gp, 287 sp, 500 bp; a +15 sword, a shield, and a bracelet which allows the wearer to see under water, even in the murkiest lakes, to 100' clearly.

16. Ladder. To the roof.

17. Roof. Ringed by a three foot high wall, the roof is otherwise an unbroken slate surface

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