Thorsigborg Map

During the mid-1600s of the Third Age, Thorsig's Burg was a small town in the far northern section of Rhovanion.It was nestled in the lower hills of a south reaching spur of the Grey Mountains, near the foot of Thidrik's Gap.The fortified settlement was surrounded by a number of single and multi-family farmsteads.The inhabitants were primarly Northmen, though representing two distinct types: the 'urban Northmen' comprised the bulk of the townspeople, while the farmers and herdsmen surrounding it were descendants of the Gramas, a more tightly knit, clannish folk.Economically, the town provided a center of trade for a portion of the far northern Rhovanion.Miners, both Dwarvish and Mannish, brought minerals, trappers carried in animal hides, and gatherers collected precious herbs from the higher reaches of the mountains to barter for food, weapons, horses, cloth and other finished goods, while peddlers from further south came with wine, fruits and such goods as could only be obtained from warmer climes to exchange for the highland resouces.A trade fair, held annually, brought in merchants, craftsmen, and traders from up to fifty miles away to display and sell their wares to the people who also gathered from a considerable distance, seeking to replenish their supplies or obtain items not readily available in their own towns.


The MERP Module gives the original Name as "Burh Thurasig".


  • MERP:The Grey Mountains
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