Sorthog had once been a mortal man of the first age with the name Talarin. He served as a trusted captain under Fingolfin and participated in many battles always going up in the trust of Fingolfin but one day in Battle he earned the Curse of The Dark Lord himself. His children and wife were killed by a Balrog sent out Morgoth and Talarin swore revenge. Years later he took a mission to scout for orcs outside Angband while the elves would bring another human tribe. He and his soldiers found an army and attacked, while they managed to take the upper hand at first, fresh enemy forces marched in from behind and ambushed them. Talarin was confronted by Sauron himself and was overwhelmed. Morgoth corrupted him and hybridised him with the strongest uruk-blood, which eventually gave his body immortality. He also gave him sorcerous powers and a magic gem and instructed him in the ways of dark magic. He then was sent into war against the elves but survived the War Of Wrath. In the second age he tryed to find the Silmarilli but was not successful. In the third age he served Sauron as a mercenary but he never revealed his true powers and Sauron never learnt the full truth of his identity. In the late fourth age, he was able to form a shadow empire and breed orcs in his fortress Shadow Cûrn and alsoentered the former lands of Mordor and Dol Guldur to lear how to breed a new species of orcs ha called the Shadow Guards, of which the most elite were the Shadow Knights. He in the ene eventually managed to destroy the fallen apart former reunited kingdom (Arnor and Gondor) and enslaved the people of former Rohan. Those who escaped the destruction formed the union of the white sword which was made up of tauredain, descendants of the gondorians and rohirrim, and last remnants of the fading dwarves and elves and defeated him in the war of the shadow.