The Northern Fells

The homeland of the Fallohides (K."Falline"). Arnorian , Arthadan , and Wood-elven rangers made occasional efforts during the first millennium of the ´Third Age to clean the Orcs out of the northern Misty Mountains and seal off their stronghold at Gundabad , at the northern end of the range . In the midst of these campaigns , clans of adventuresome Hobbits ventured into the Fells north of thee Misty Passes hunting goats and herbs ; they eventually made their way down small , rocky river valleys to the Anduin . A few of them had contacts with the Mangeras ,Beiabarnae, and Estanrewas , three rather rough-hewn Northman cultures, but the Falline were most successful, particularly during the 11th century , in befriending the Silvan folk of Thranduil' s kingdom. When the renewed power of the Orcs of Gundabad made the Northern Fell s unsafe , the Falline used their influence with the Elves to gain a new homeland west of the Misty Passes and north of Rivendell . The rise of Angmar , dominating both Gundabad and the Estaravi , drove the last Hobbits out of this country after T.A . 1300 . When the Eothraim moved into the upper Anduin in 1977 , they found only goblins living there , locked in an eternal blood feud with the Beiabarnae.


  • MERP:The Shire
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