Norr-Dûm in the Grey Mountains

Norr-Dûm / Nôr-Dûm (Kh. Steel Keep)

While it was neither the oldest or the largest of the Grey Mountain colonies, Norr-Dûm was the capital of Durin's folk. Chosen because of its central location in relation to the other Settlements, In the second half of the T.A. Norr-Dûm was the center of Dwarvish industry. The larger mining colonies, such as Thundercleft and Silver-pit, transported their ore overland to Norr-Dûm for smelting. Almost all of the forging of products was carried out here.


It was founded in S.A. 120 after the foundation of Barukkhizdín to secure communication between the Misty Mountains and the Iron Hills. During the time when the Longbeards were marking their claims in the mountain ranges in the vicinity of Gundabad. Throughout the remainder of the First, Second and much of the Third Age it remained an important but modest settlement in size.

It was only after T.A. 2210 when Thorin I. relocated his throne to Norr-Dûm, that a massive expansion took place, transforming the small old dwelling into a veritable and splendid mansion. It was given up in T.A. 2589 when the dragons were starting to press against Durin’s people harder and harder


Norr-Dûm sprawled over three levels:

Thakalgund (Kh. Steel Halls) - the undergrounds, most ancient part of Norr-Dûm:

  1. the lowest of which consisted almost entirely of mining tunnels.
  2. the second level was the main working area, although there were some Dwarf-lodgings, and the Halls of Smithing were located here.
  3. The upper level consisted mostly of residential and administration areas.

Thikil-gundu is a name of overground keep, builded in the time of splendor of Norr-Dûm.

Places of Note

  • Dómekh
  • Nôr-Dûm
  • Stánbalk
  • Steel Keep


Original name in MERP: Norr-Dûm

The spelling of Norr-Dûm should be changed into Nôr-Dûm or Nordûm. Double 'r' is not appropriate for Khuzdul.

Other Minds magazine: issue #4 introduced name Thakalgund as Norr-dûm in the ICE canon. Later on Thakalgund has been finally corrected as Norr-Dûm in Other Hands issue #23 (in OM #5 has been stated: "Named Norr-dûm by ICE in The Grey Mountains. Name later corrected in Other Hands #23")

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