(BS. "Black Voice" S."Morlammen") came from a long line of

servants to the Dark Lord. His family had lived in northern Rhovanion for several hundred years, although they originally resided in the lands near Harondor. Murlâm was initiated into the Cult of the Long Night by his father and proved to be a quick learner of the arcane arts. He developed an early confidence, attaining much influence within the cult strongholds near northern Greenwood, but also making powerful enemies. Murlâm proved to be a capable leader, and his faction dominated the policies of the cult. Finally growing weary of his conservative peers, Murlâm and a small group of followers departed, seeking a new stronghold from which to more vigorously spread the Dark Lord's beliefs. Murlâm settled in the abandoned ancient tower of Minas Falath and set about restoring the hold. Here Morlammen met the Dark Messenger,Din Ohtar. He came bearing a curious offer: he would give Murlâm incredible power in exchange for the cap of his left knee! In spite of the unusual fear Morlammen felt in the presence of this stranger, he accepted the gift. The messenger spoke truly;the High-priest gained full command of the Way of the Voice and the Spirit Mastery and Calm Spirits, but his left leg would no longer bend and he walked with a limp ever since. The Dark Messenger had returned several times over the years with orders and instructions, andwith the present of an enchanted cane. Murlâm sensed that the long absent Lord of Darkness might soon return.


Original form in MERP:Morlammen


  • MERP:Perils on the Sea of Rhûn
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