Perhaps the deadliest Man in all of Dor Rhunen , Dúlin (S."Nightingale") was in fact a woman. Raised under her true name Mûralômi (Ad."Black as Night") in the lands around Umbar during the turmoil surrounding the taking of the city by Eärnil I of Gondor, Lómelindë worked hard to become an accomplished burglar and spy. Her extraordinary abilities with disguise and acting allowed her to appear to be either male or female and infiltrate deep within an enemy's organization. She also developed considerable skill in poisons , traps, and the avoidance of both. Her expertise soon led to work for the Dark Worship , priests of the Dark Lord who wanted more than just information. Taking an alias, Hinfuin (S."Gloomy Eyes"), she became adept at assassinating and kidnaping the victims targeted by her new employers. She also proved to be proficient in the magic useful to her line of work. For almost sixty years, she performed services only for the Dark Priests, helping them rise from dormancy to become a major force in Umbar .

One evening, about fifteen years ago, the High priest had a vision. On the strength of it, he urged the assassin to immediately journey north to the forest of Lotan , there to await a "Messenger on a dark beast ". Assuming yet another alias, Lómelinde, she sought and found the messenger, becoming the first of the new elite assassins of Din Ohtar . Lómelinde had acquired several items of note during her years of servisse: a grey cloak interwoven with threads of ogamur , a black kregora ring with a dragon crest and a concealed poison pin, and Dolkir (S."Head Cleaver"), a Dwarf made two-handed executioner's sword forged of adarcer . Her task was to kidnap the Princess-adept named Dailhailia Ciryayar and return the captive alive to Minas Falath for questioning. Lómelindë had no love for the Cult of the Long Night , since she viewed them as rivals to her self and the Dark Worship she served. She was ordered bring Dailhailia into the cult for questioning, but she made no effort to aid them further. Once the interrogation would have been completed, she was to bring Dailhailia into Tol Sûlereb for ransom or sacrifice. She usually traveled disguised as a man bearing, in addition to the aforementioned items, two fine throwing daggers.


Original names in MERP: Duvorn =Muralômi Henefuin = Hinfuin Lómelindë = Dúlin

The Sindarin name Duvorn was replaced by a better suiting Adûnaic form


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