Various Masks: 1st row: Angmarrim Helmets 2nd row:Masked Helmets and orcish derivation 3rd row:masked Orc-Helmet types 4rth row:Tribal Masks

Many of the Dark Lords servants wore helmets with horrible masks, best known of them the Mask of Morgûl worn by the Witch-king of Angmar.These kind of masked helmets maybe were inspired by the original dwarven masks and later adopted by the dark lord´s mannish and orcish servants.


As the Witch-king´s mask is hardly described it is difficult to say what Tolkien had in mind.Historical masked helmets include the Imperial Gallo-roman Masked Helmet, the Viking Vendel-Helmet types, the Anglo-saxon Sutton Hoo helmet, the various Indo-iranian Masked Helmet types or the classical Samurai Kabuto type Helmets.