Khand Amû (Lower Khand or Khand Inferior) was dominated by deserts and occassional scrublands.The only permanent settlements lay along the broad, shallow river Noz Peka (Var."Knife") , a tributary of the Harnen.At the confluence of Noz Peka and Medlóshad Peka (Var."Goldhorse") stood Sturlurtsa Khand, the traditional capital of Lower Khand and the largest city between Umbar and the Talathrant.Second in power was Ammu Khand on the western foothills of the Ered Harmal, guarding the Khand Gap and the northern bounds to Upper Khand.It was a realm of herders and nomads moving their lightly-encumbered bands around a circuit of periodic shelters and encampments, their routes dictated by the location of springs, seasonal pools, and intermittent streams.


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