Lithrogath (S."Dust-Demons") were demons of ash and rock, spawned in the deep bowels of Thangorodrim as taskmasters for the slaves fueling the pits and fires of Morgoth's great war-machines. Although many were destroyed with the fall of Ancalagon,some survivors fled to the mountains and especially into Mordor where Orodruin and the ashen plain of Gorgoroth were located. It was here that they were found by Sauron and fell into his service performing the same duties they once held. With the overthrow of Sauron and fall of Barad-dur, they were finally free to do their own bidding.

Lithrogs were a great grayish-black creatures with wings (when they were able to be seen); otherwise they were invisible but for their cloaks of ash and dust. They appeared as Swirling winds with ash, sand, and pumice surrounded the Lithrogath like small tornados . All non-magical lights were extinguished within 20 ft of the Lithrog. The Lithrog could pull daggers of hardened ash, sand, and pumice right from the ground or from the ash cloak, once the Lithrog lost a dagger it dissolved back into its powdery components. In direct sunlight, a shadowy outline of the Lithrog's form could be seen.

Lithrogs liked the deserts, mountains, plains, but prefered volcanoes. None built strongholds for they lived a nomadic existence, not liking to stay in one place for too long. Being solitary creatures mostly, they would combine forces with one another if the cause was great enough. They derived immense pleasure from inflicting wanton destruction and misery upon Men and Elves; torture was their specialty, which they inflicted with their torrents of ash, dust, and rock.


  • Hitherlands; — Credit Jason Durall, Doug Joos, Matthew Kearns, Scott Mertz