The Kurkurûm (Or."Skull-eaters") were an Orc Tribe of Angmar.They were one of the westernmost tribes and lived close to the northeastern Weather Hills.Led by the Great Orc Kurkrakh, they were among those tribes to protect the Witch-realms borders towards Arthedain.They called attention to themselves as they operated with less stealth than their neighbours and their fires could be seen from afar through the gap between the North Downs to the Emyn Sûl.Luckily the Kurkurûm were uncooperative snd pugnacious and constantly fought among themselves and with their neighbours, especially the Askhai who lived in the north, so the Witch-king had to order to separate both tribes from each other.

The Kurkurûm wore heavy Chainmail and fought with heavy two-handed Swords.The Faulgurum reputedly were their close kinsmen.

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