time period
early Second Age - about T.A. 1640

Khamthalûn (Av."Amba'al'on"; "Scion of the valiant hand"; S."Camthalion) was one of the Avar Moriquendi living as far east of the Sea of Rhûn as the land of Angmar was west of it. He was born south of Urd in the forests between the two Northern Seas, and had practiced the ways of Essence and Channeling under the eyes of skilled and watchful tutors. The young Elf learned much of power and it's uses, but little of wisdom. He had helped Hoarmûrath of Dír crush the Urd Priestesses and their supporters in order to become the first King of the matriarchal Urdar. When the alliance between the Ice King and the Avari soured, Khamthalun betrayed his own people, revealing Avar secrets to allow Hoarmûrath to defeat the Elven warriors. The usurper took their lands for his own in the War of the Woods (S.A. 2002-2053), and the traitor became known as Amba'al'on-i-oko (av."Amba'al'on the Snake"). He served as high-priest under the Cold One's rule, initiating acolytes into the worship of the Dark Lord in a stone citadel amidst the cool pine forests. He continued in this role, teaching the tenets of evil power during Hoarmûrath's long absence, when the Nazgûl departed his realm for Mordor. In T.A. 1050, Hoarmûrath returned to his ancient hold in the Forest of Dír; Khamthalun was there to greet him and reported on the status of the land (ruled by the Avari) and the strong loyalty of his own disciples. The Ringwraith reconquered his lost kingdom, ordering Urd tribes and subject peoples to battle the Avar warriors who regarded the forests as their own dominion. He remained in the North until all was secure, but at the Dark Lord's orders sent his high-priest to Mordor centuries before the Kingdom of Urd had reached and surpassed it's former evil stature. In the Land of Shadows, Sauron reassigned Khamthalun to the Witch-king of Angmar. As the High- priest had spread Sauron's worship in the East, so he would teach the dark religion in the Iron Land. Like Gulmathaur under the Angûlion, Camthalion now oversaw the colleges in Carn Dûm and Litash.


Original forms:

Camthalion = bs. "Khamthalûn" , av.Amba'al'on Camthalion-i-lhug = Amba'al'on-i-oko


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