Kala Dulakarth in the Withered Heath

Standing atop a sandstone butte in the northern foothills of the Ered Mithrin was the imposing fortress of the Ice-orcs.They called it Kala Dulakurth (Or. "Dark-ice fortress").The butte rose some three hundred feet from the surrounding terrain.The sides were incredibly sheer, but the summit itself was its most striking feature.A large outcrop of basalt, one of many in the region, virtually Covered the summit surface.It was tall, over two hundred feet, and hollow inside.The Ice-orcs had used these natural features and added their own tunnels over a period of four thousand years to make it their home.The fortress was well protected.The northern and western sides were surrounded by a small, but deep, glacial lake, and the southern and eastern sides were protected by thick walls and tall towers.The fortress was sprawled over three levels, mostly in the southern sections of the basalt outcrop.The outcrop had three 'minipeaks,' each of which were surmounted by towers.The Ice-orcs had no mining Operations here; exploratory digging proved fruitless.
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