Grishnákh (Or."Blood-Greedy") was an old and high-ranking Orc-Captain of Mordor. While no Uruk-Hai but only a stout fighting-Orc of all but middle-height Grishnákh was sly, intelligent and scheming enough to rise to the Witch-king´s trusted (more or less) personal Agent and Messenger.

Grishnákh, during his long work in the Nazgûl´s service, found out about the legacy of the one ring and since had made plans to gain the Ash Nazg for himself.

Orcs of grishnakh's Company:

Glower-Rák Gobsnut Gorûl Groznakh Jashit Kragmal Lûngash Narrûsh Sarpeth Uslak



Grishnákh's rise within the Dark hierarchy would not be surprising if it was true, as some account claim, that Grishnákh was nearly 761 years old, perhaps suggesting some Boldog blood.


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