Great goblin, or Dûrba-Hai (Orc."People-Ruler") was the formal title of the Lord of Goblin-gate.It was held by a number of different individuals at different times:

  • Ogslap, The first great Goblin in the Second Age. Many of the later Great Goblins were of the Seed of Ogslap.
  • Urgubal, the great goblin of goblin-gate around 1640 T.A.
  • Oluruk, Usurpator of Urgubal
  • Balkhmog, Urgubal´s son and Oluruks successor
  • Bal the Goblin-Queen
  • Ogrod,the great goblin of goblin-gate around 2941 (slain by Gandalf)
  • Gorkin, a great Goblin who followed Ogrod
  • Volg, a great Goblin who re-unified the Uruk-Tarkhnarb after the Battle of five Armies
  • Ashûrz,the great goblin of goblin-gate about 3018
  • Uloga,Mârubh and Brosh competitors for the throne of the great Goblin during the war of the Ring
  • Volog, the great goblin of goblin-gate about 1 F.A. (succeeding Ashûrz)

The Great Goblin was usually supported by two High-lieutenants, the Captain of the Wolf-Gate and the Captain of the Back-Door.


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