Malgen (Misty Mountains)

A Gauradan

The Gauredain or Wolf-men (Gaur."Kigour" or "Blythden") were a primitive and savage tribe of Men in the hills and mountains of northern Eriador or the southern Forodwaith. They were descendants of the original inhabitants of Eriador who had been driven out by the Numenoreans in the Second Age and therefore removed kinsmen of the Hillmen of Rhudaur, though their language seemed to be more closely akin to that of the Dunlendings. The Gauredain were nomadic hunters and trappers and followed a strange kind of Wolf or Werewolf-Cult.There were rumors about them to actually be cannibals.They were rivals and principal enemies of the Lossoth of Forochel. Some of their clans had returned to Eriador in the late Third Age and moved into the lands around lake Evendim, the northern Misty Mountains and the northern Trollshaws.



LOTRO represents the language of the Wolfmen with real-world cornish.


Their large statue, dark hair and grey eyes hints to Adan ancestry.They may be kinsmen of the Beorians and late descendants of the Arvandor of eastern Eriador.

LOTRO's Gauredain seem to be inspired by the Easterlings of Uldor's Folk who were also known as the Wolf-folk and Turin's Outlaw band, the Gaurwaith though both tribes connections to wolves were rather allegoric than real animal totemism.