Endgame Ridge

Ardagor built up a position at Endgame Ridge (or "Enedbund") in July 1640, hampered in his plans to retake Quiel from the Lords Allied by the long daylight hours and Prince Hallas of Dol Tinare' meticulous attention to his protections against night attack and his anti-Troll defenses.After he was forced to withdraw some of his forces to counter Prince Minastir of Sarnford's approach at the end of July, Hallas went on the offensive; the Battle of Quiel was decided on August 11, when Lord Celedur , Hallas' son, led a dawn assault on the eastern flank of Endgame Ridge and crushed that half of the Warlord's army, including most of his dependable mercenaries.


Original Name "Entamundo" corrected to "Enedbund".


  • MERP:Arnor
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