Ûsteri Warrior of Luinemar

The Lênitani (Av."Lake-men") or Lênirrêmbê (Av."Folk of the lone lakes"), were a mannish culture or a of the late first and early Second Age of Middle-Earth. They were descendants of the Asrabi and the southeasternmost branch of the Easterlings. As they wandered through the Wild woods of the southeast they were found by the Kwindi, an Avari-People, and were taught by them.

They had been descendants of refugees from Hildorien who had settled along the shores of the great Inland Sea of Helcar and remained there as the inland sea diminished into a cellection of many much smaller Lakelands.They were therefore also known as the Eastern Lakepeople.

The men of Lygar Krâw, Kârn Ôrd, Jendiar, Daldúnair and the Ubain and Ûsteri were their descendants.

Descendants of the Linetan:


Original form in MERP: Linerim = Líner =Lênirrêmbê Linadan = Lênitani

The Linerim languages, made up the the ICE Authors, were spoken mainly in East Central Middle-Earth and are loosely based on Kugor and Mesoamerind vocabulary.

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