King of Durin´s Folk for almost eighty years (from T.A. 2941 until 3019), Dain II lived for over two centuries. He was a fierce and renowned warrior who slew the ferocious Orc-king Azog in the Battle of Azanulbizar in T.A. 2799. Six years later, he became Lord of the Dwarves of the Iron Hills, the highlands which lay east of Erebor. Dain II led an army to rescue the besieged Dwarf-king Thorin II in T.A, 2941 and commanded a Dwarf-force against an army of Orcs and Wargs at the Battle of Five Armies. After Thorin's death in that battle, Dain II became King under the Mountain (of Erebor). A beloved and benevolent ruler, Dain II fell in battle during the War of the Ring as he defended the body of his Mannish friend, King Brand of Dale, from desecration.

Dain Ironfoot's Principal Items:


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