Dwarven Machinery

Battlewagons Demolishers Earth-Eaters Fire-Wagons Ore-borers Ore-carts Ram-drills Sledges

Elven Machinery

Airboats of Amon Lind Scorpions

Númenóreran Machinery

Airships Big Stoatin' Fire Tank  Fabulously Complex Chain-Reel Drive Glider Horribly Sharp Chain Razors Improved Hook with Hinged Movable Bits Inline Toxic Death Dispenser Integrated Inferno-Hurling Launcher  Ironbounds Leviathans  Númenórean Fire Númenórean Gauntlet Patakatapaka Phundatârik Rectractable Extra Deadly Bits Wee Enormously Powerful Power Increaser Wormrot Oils Zôrpûtha

Orcish Machinery

Flakbûn Mangler Mechanical Dragons  Orc-Carts


Attack Tower Ballistas battering rams Battlewagons Bolt-throwers Catapults Catapult Wagons Chariots Drill-rams Onagers Scorpions Siege Towers Siege Bows Siege Crossbows Stone Throwers Trebuchets War-ram


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