The Black Tower of Barad-Dûr


Barad-Dur Overview

Built on a spur of the Ered Lithui, and fashioned by the power of Sauron's Ruling Ring, Barad-dûr (Orc. Lugbúrz) consists of a great central tower with nine radial towers connected to it by fortified bridges. Once the seat of Sauron's power, Barad-dûr fell when Isildur cut the Ring from Sauron's hand. Orcs and Trolls controlled the area, and no Man visited Barad-dûr since the Plague until Sauron returned from Dol Guldur in T.A. 2951.


Ârlok Argdush Argshacoida Azra Baghrat Bakûra Bloodfang Bolingúl Bolvag II Bolvag I Bug Burz Celedring Ciryaher Darlung Dror Dulgabêth Eglorz Elphros Eraus Gordmúl Gartor Ghen Gimbrakh Glúrugoth Golodhros Gorghâsh Gorzag Hrimil Hyarmur Kardush Kathanûl Krabanak Kralshanack Krassa-phûrsa Kumai Lob-Zagh Lômazar Luftak Lugbol Lughak Lug Lurz Mordú Mornok Mudbag Naelia Narchaw Narghash Rabôkhor Radnag Radlag Raskal Rât Sapakár Sharuk Skell Slikah Thostir Tormog Ugrukhor Váskmun Greytooth Yadêphal

Places of Note:

From lowest level to the very highest point Barad dur was over 1.1 miles high, consisting of more than 30 levels ( and countless sublevels) over ground and an unknown number of levels (or "deeps") down into the Abyss of Mordath and to the underdeeps of Ambar.

It's main castle consisted of seven more or less concentric semicircles winding up the western slopes of the mountain of Amon Dur and the great main tower of Barad-Dur proper.


Dark Tower - Crosscut


Darek Tower - Base, schematic Sketch


Battle of Barad Dûr - main gate

  • Abyss of Mordath
    • Black Pits 
      • Breeding Pits
      • Chamber of the Watchers
      • The Crematories
      • Coal mines
      • Fathomless dungeons
        • dungeon armoury
        • Glurnákh, the Pit of Greed
        • the hole
        • the jails
          • Oldest chamber
          • Ring Prison
      • Great Furnaces
        • Coal Chambers
      • the pit
        • Pit of Flame
        • Pit of Frost
      • the vault
    • Black Stairs of Durshnul
    • Checkpoint
    • Lithannon
    • Screaming Deep
    • The treasuries
      • Sauron's relic-chamber
    • The Undercourts
  • Amon Dur
    • Black Castle
      • main gate
      • the black tower
        • Chamber of the Eye
        • Chamber of the Mouth
        • the dephts
          • Chamber of the Watchers
        • Feasting Hall
        • Great gallery
        • Hall of Teeth
        • Kitchens
          • larder
        • main hall
        • Mess-Hall
        • Throne room
        • Torture Chambers (l 253)
    • Great bridge
      • Bridge Towers


  • Lugbúrz
  • Lúnaturco
  • Taras Lúna


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