A Boldog and an Adan

The Boldogath (Gol."mighty Soldiers") or Orc-Demons were an ancient form of orc-kind.Lesser Umaiar or Demons who took the form of tremendous and horrible Orcs.They may have been identical with Ogres and Demon-Trolls.


In MERP the orcish Priest Storlaga and Sauron's creation Bolvag were described as Orc-Demons or Demon-Orcs.However Storlaga was supposed to be a twisted Noldo-Spirit and Bolvag a creation of Sauron.

In Rolemaster the greater Lugroki are grotesque and twisted demonic-Orcs, far greater in strenth and power than the lesser Murlogi or common Orcs.

Demon-Orcs of Renown

Movie trilogy

The Great Pale-Orcs of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Movies, like Azog, Bolg and possibly Gothmog, may be Orc-Demons or their lesser descendants.

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