Ruins of Belegost
  • Type: Ruined Dwarf-mansion .
  • Inhabitants: N/A.
  • Population: 0
  • Origin: The First Age, possibly before the Sun and the Moon first rose.
  • Purpose: Exploit the riches of the Ered Luin; defense against all enemies.
  • Symbol: The Hammer and Flame.
    Belegost TA

Belegost (S. "Great Fortress", Os. "Balagosod", Q. "Turost", Kh. "Gabilgathol", W. "Mickleburg") was the Dwarven city of the Broadbeams, which once sprawled under the northern eaves of Dolmed.It was destroyed by a massive earthquake simultaneous with the opening and destruction of Angband, far to the northwest, at the conclusion of the First Age.The Building of Belegost was begun about the Valian year 1250 (from which date the Firebeards reckoned time), and it endured until the year of the Sun 587. By the Third Age it had been abandoned for millennia. Its emblem was Flaming Forge and in temperment the people of Belegost were more measured than their kin of Nogrod, though they were somewhat less esteemed as smiths.In the late third Age a few bold Dwarven explorers had recently begun to explore the mine in hopes of finding the artifacts of their ancestors.


Azaghal Bodruith Bodruithog Bodruithol Dwálin the wise Eitha Indrafang Norn Tahin


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