Andai Inda'eir (Av. "Dark Wanderer" "Songweaver";PQ."Randaiô Lindâweirô") was a Prince of the Hwendi Ice-Elves in Ugnin'oro.

He was several times a companion of other renowned heroes such as Rálin of Zagragathol, Chinta, Kôma of Kôm and Tash Enámó. Randae was said to have recovered the Book of Icelore and freed his kingdom from the yoke of the Urdar. The object of the quests of the heirs of Lindor was discovered in Kôm, a lair of the Ulairi. After generations of failure by his ancestors, Randae returned in triumph. In S.A. 3261, Randae freed his land froom the yoke of Mordor. He then ruled Luindor for nearly 300 years before the crown was passed on in T.A. 130.





Original form : Randae Linvaire = Andai Inda'eir


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